Feb 27

Headlines vs. Newspaper

THANKS FOR VISITING! For some strange reason, this post get a lot of hits from Google. (I am appreciative) Although it may ┬ánot be what you were looking for… Please visit the front page of this site and see if … Continue reading

Oct 22

Worry: The Cause, The Cost, And The Cure

Life is so full of uncertainties. Wouldn’t it be great if there were at least a few things we could count on? Some constants to give us a reliable foundation for the beginning of each new day? Well, Jesus assures … Continue reading

Sep 05

Sarah Palin as a leadership phenomena

The world has been abuzz for the past week about the governor of Alaska, Mrs. Sarah Palin, who is the Republican VP candidate with Senator John McCain. ┬áThere has been a lot of stuff flying around as people attempt to … Continue reading