Jan 22

Facebook Games Cause Problems?

On the Bishop of Technology site:  Facebook Games Cause Problems? Excerpt… Today,  on the Bishop’s Facebook Page,  we had a question about playing the game applications available on Facebook & some problems with a new computer. Are they related? Click the … Continue reading

Oct 13

5 Questions for your ministry moving forward

Bill Isaacs applies some contemporary social technologies to Christian ministry. Does your ministry: 1) Effortless sign up 2) Emphasize people 3) Generates content 4) Invites Partnerships 5) Mobile device friendly. Continue reading

Sep 26

Chief Shepherd on Facebook

A few days ago,  I created a FaceBook page to support this website. It is located at http://facebook.com/chiefshep and in just a couple days has already collected over 60 “fans” of  the page! I certainly encourage you to to also … Continue reading

Sep 16

Share Articles on Facebook, Twitter, etc

If you are a member of a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter then you can EASILY share your favorite article on this site with all of your FB or Twitter friends! At the end of any full … Continue reading