Oct 13

Am I a “born” leader?… are you?

Someone mentioned to me recently in their assessment of another person — “the man is a born leader!”  As I reflected later on the thought, I’m not sure I totally accept the concept that leadership is a genetic marker for … Continue reading

Jun 18

Perspective and Opinion

Along with millions of others this weekend I watched the US Open Golf Tournament. I spent some time Monday watching live coverage of the playoff online (I love technology). Saturday I watched Tiger Woods “gut it out” as his recently … Continue reading

Jun 18

Changes in the culture

According to Ed Stetzler, in this post,”Thirty-two percent of Americans – almost one in three – said their decision to visit or join a church would be negatively affected if that congregation taught homosexual behavior is sinful.” This means that … Continue reading

Jun 09

Ministerally Speaking; and the Southern Baptist

The following article was posted on HB London’s blog “The Heart of a Pastor“. —————————————————————————— I read a small article a few days ago suggesting that the Southern Baptist Church is not as large as it claims to be. Have … Continue reading

Mar 08

Home Schooling Outlawed in California

The Associated Press is reporting that according to a recent California appellate court ruling, “parents without teaching credentials cannot legally home school their children.” “Parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children,” Justice H. Walter Croskey … Continue reading