Oct 13

Am I a “born” leader?… are you?

Someone mentioned to me recently in their assessment of another person — “the man is a born leader!”  As I reflected later on the thought, I’m not sure I totally accept the concept that leadership is a genetic marker for … Continue reading

Jun 14

A Gift For Today

I was given a most precious gift this morning when I woke up. It’s a gift I never received before. It’s one I can’t keep, can’t return, can’t save, and don’t know how well it will really work. I do … Continue reading

Mar 23

Did the Easter Bunny rise up from the grave?

The way most people approach Easter, one would think that the Easter Bunny was the reason for the holiday! Each time Easter (or Christmas, or some other Christian holiday) comes around, I am forced to question whether the commercialization of … Continue reading