Dec 16

The Secret Santa Understood the Secret of Joy

The Secret Santa Understood the Secret of Joy. After being fired right before Christmas, Larry Stewart made the decision to GIVE. In the next 27 years, he gave away (anonymously) $1.3 million to needy individuals over. Continue reading

Jul 01

What would Jesus buy?

(This post was last updated on July 5, 2008) There is little question that in America, advertising is big business. That is because business is big — and business is not content — they must sell MORE. To do that, … Continue reading

Mar 23

Did the Easter Bunny rise up from the grave?

The way most people approach Easter, one would think that the Easter Bunny was the reason for the holiday! Each time Easter (or Christmas, or some other Christian holiday) comes around, I am forced to question whether the commercialization of … Continue reading