Feb 03

Changes on ChiefShepherd

Well, I have been pretty much absent for the past few weeks. There have been some personal issues that have restricted me but there were also some very significant issues related to this site. Particularly, I was able to acquire … Continue reading

Oct 03

How did we get into this $700 billion mess?

Are we getting the facts about who is actually responsible for the current mortgage crisis & the $700 billion bailout? Does the national news media present an accurate picture of the issue? Is President Bush responsible? Or, have we been fed some confusing misinformation? Find the answers here… …continue reading Continue reading

Mar 01

Scandal in the church

The Christian church has seen its share of scandal over the past 100 years. I will not list the priests from the Catholic Church who have been accused of sexual abuse of children. In the protestant churches we have a … Continue reading

Feb 27

Child abuse by employees or volunteers

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review is reporting that a public school teacher’s aide has been arrested in connection with an all-night party for juveniles in a hotel room that the aide rented. According to the article “Abbie Jane Swogger, 34, of … Continue reading