Jan 22

Can The Church Learn From Domino’s Pizza?

Domino’s Pizza has been creating quite a buzz by running television commercials that trash their product.  By Dave Burchett (When Bad Christians Happen to Good People) The spots confess that many consumers thought their crust tasted like “cardboard” and the … Continue reading

Jan 22

Facebook Games Cause Problems?

On the Bishop of Technology site:  Facebook Games Cause Problems? Excerpt… Today,  on the Bishop’s Facebook Page,  we had a question about playing the game applications available on Facebook & some problems with a new computer. Are they related? Click the … Continue reading

Jan 18

Foundation for a Better Life

A brief review of the Foundation For A Better Life and the TV Spots that they produce. Also some background on who is behind the Foundation. Includes video. Continue reading

Jan 17

How to leave your church

The current generation is not brand-loyal and will often drive past many churches in their community to find the one that “meet their needs“–as if that is the reason you attend a church– and as such the pressure on pastors and leaders to perform became greater. Continue reading