Sep 26

Life on the Rock

To build our life on the solid foundation (the Rock of my salvation), we must follow Jesus’ outline in Luke 6:47… come to Jesus (saved by grace – not works), hear His words and then put them into practice. This chapter describes what Jesus said and how we are responsible to put His words into practice. After we do this, our house/life will remain steady when the enemy comes in like a flood (Isa 59:19). Be certain, the reward will be great. Continue reading

Aug 29

Direction of Authority

This article looks at the difference between absolute authority and practical (or earned) authority. Earned authority is that which comes from below – rather than above, which can be either absolute or delegated from absolute authority. Continue reading

Aug 15

Purpose of Trials

Note: the original series of articles was updated on 15 Aug 10. Additional articles were added and the final installment is being written now. Check it out today. If you are like most of us, you are either facing a … Continue reading

Aug 13

I wanted to quit too….

Dave Burchett published the following article on his “Confessions of a Bad Christian” site on August 5, 2010. It is republished here by permission. Click here to visit the original post on Dave’s site. Author Anne Rice has kicked the cyber hornet’s … Continue reading