Aug 21

Can MAGIC manipulate your decisions?

(Last update: August 21, 2008) What happens when a magician performs a trick? Is it truly some event that defies the laws of physics? Or, is it an illusion or misdirection? The science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clark has said, … Continue reading

Jul 01

Free Video Each Month

I am always looking for FREE stuff ! The website hosts a huge library of video clips, short movies & loops. To encourage us to visit the site on a regular basis, they provide a free video each month. … Continue reading

Jun 22


Evangelist & short-term missionary George (TC) Wells was our special guest today at Agape’ Fellowship. He spoke to our congregation on “worship” and it was good. Real worship is sometimes defined as setting our entire focus on God. When one … Continue reading

Jun 21

Podcasts & MP3 Players

If you do not have an MP3 player, you may be in the minority now! These little devices are also called PMPs (for “Personal Media Player”) since many will now play most of the common audio formats as well as … Continue reading

Jun 14

Transpose Music Automatically

I just found the website “Timeless Truths.” Although their doctrinal stance appears to be a little more “conservative” than my own, the MUSIC section of the site is pretty nice! I did a search for the lyrics of “It is … Continue reading

Jun 14

Technological Tips

Sometime in the near future, I plan to develop a website focused on helping ministers who want to integrate technology into their ministry. However, until I have a good bit more time, I will try to use this site for … Continue reading

Apr 28

Children buried alive

There is an email being circulated about a story from Egypt of two little girls who survived after being buried for 15 days! According to the email, they were fed by “A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds … Continue reading