Sep 16

Share Articles on Facebook, Twitter, etc

If you are a member of a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter then you can EASILY share your favorite article on this site with all of your FB or Twitter friends! At the end of any full … Continue reading

Aug 26


Ray’s Technology Helper: Gravatar Excerpt… Gravatar What is the funny looking “G” thing by my comments? You may see this image on sites all over the web – well, any site that allows comments could have it. It is actually … Continue reading

Aug 11

Free Telephone Service for Life!

I recently opened a new website at where I will be providing technology help to ministers, lay persons and  to those who are totally unaffiliated with any church. Of particular interest to many of you is my post on … Continue reading

Jul 08

Every church should embrace technology

These are exciting days for ministry.  When I consider the possibilities God has provided for me to serve Him on relation to the Great Commission, I consider these unique to my generation(s): Websites Every church needs a website.  They can … Continue reading

Feb 03

Changes on ChiefShepherd

Well, I have been pretty much absent for the past few weeks. There have been some personal issues that have restricted me but there were also some very significant issues related to this site. Particularly, I was able to acquire … Continue reading

Dec 01

Download a FREE Video Clip

My favorite site for REASONABLY priced video clips is BluefishTV ( They have very good quality videos and most are priced at $1.99 each! Compare that to about $20 each at other outlets. Even better, you can download one clip … Continue reading

Nov 14

Converted! (Windows to Linux, that is)

In November ’08, I converted my laptop & desktop from Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux. Over the preceding weeks, I had become more and more concerned about some security issues in Windows. I finally decided to do something about it. Look at … Continue reading

Sep 01

Does America play a part in the future kingdom?

Been reading a fascinating book called “The Post American World” by Fareed Zakaria on the change in worldview of America and its impact on the future. One of the things we tend to overlook is how global the world has … Continue reading