Oct 17

The Source of Authority

This article examines Biblical authority and its source. It looks at the Greek words that the KJV editors translated into our English word, authority – and compares their meanings. It then tries to establish what is the true definition of Biblical authority and how it is granted. This article also explains how authority is related to the “free moral agency” of all humans allowing us to make choices. Continue reading

Oct 14

The “glory world” of spirituality

During my two interruptions in pastoral ministry, I learned a lot about the “insulated leadership” that sometimes happens in churches today. I found that the same things that I had said previously from the pulpit sounded quite different when sitting on the pew. This article looks at the “Emperor’s New Clothes.” Continue reading

Sep 22

Did He Exceed His Authority?

This article examines the definition, source and use of authority. Comparing New & Old Testament concepts of authority and applying the Biblical ideas to the present-day contempt for authority. Continue reading

Sep 20


Rob Moore just published an article about “Leadership and Accountability” which I urge you to read. In his article, he states, Accountability and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. We should do the right thing in all circumstances … Continue reading

Aug 28

One child – DNA from two mothers?

Can a child have two biological mothers? Logically, one would immediately say “NO!” but the Washington Post reported that a lab in Oregon has accomplished this feat with rhesus monkeys. The article states,

Scientists have produced monkeys with genetic material from two mothers…. Using cloning-related techniques, the researchers developed a way to replace most of the genes in the eggs of one rhesus macaque monkey with genes from another monkey. They then fertilized the eggs with sperm, transferred the resulting embryos into animals’ wombs and produced four apparently healthy offspring. Continue reading