Oct 30


This article focuses on the difficulty of balancing the demands of ministry with the obligations of family & home. It includes some humorous video to emphasize the issue. …continue reading Continue reading

Oct 22

What will eternity be like?

Ever wonder what “heaven” will be like? Will we have our pets in eternity? Will we be male or female? Can I visit another planet? This article offers some controversial ideas. …continue reading Continue reading

Sep 30

Almost Altogether

The title describes me on some of my better days! The rest of the time, I just can’t seem to “get it together.” But this was the title of Bishop Warren Heck’s message at Agape’ Fellowship on the 28th of … Continue reading

Aug 21

Can MAGIC manipulate your decisions?

(Last update: August 21, 2008) What happens when a magician performs a trick? Is it truly some event that defies the laws of physics? Or, is it an illusion or misdirection? The science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clark has said, … Continue reading

Aug 21

What Am I Supposed To Do?

(Last update: August 21, 2008) There have been many times that I have been so frustrated by the events in my life that I just threw up my hands and asked, “What am I supposed to do?” When our circumstances … Continue reading

Jun 24

Is this a shift?

When an earthquake occurs, scientists will talk about the “shifting” of the earth’s plates…the geological strata layers within the earth. These “shifts” force the earth upward to adjust and often cause damage to existing structures and sometimes loss of life. … Continue reading