Aug 29

Direction of Authority

This article looks at the difference between absolute authority and practical (or earned) authority. Earned authority is that which comes from below – rather than above, which can be either absolute or delegated from absolute authority. Continue reading

Jan 17

How to leave your church

The current generation is not brand-loyal and will often drive past many churches in their community to find the one that “meet their needs“–as if that is the reason you attend a church– and as such the pressure on pastors and leaders to perform became greater. Continue reading

Oct 28

Leadership lessons I’ve learned…@ bananas!

I’ve been in leadership at my local church, in state and territorial offices and within my denomination since I was 14 (38 years). In those years, like all leaders I have gleaned tons of good advice and learned many valuable … Continue reading

Oct 13

5 Questions for your ministry moving forward

Bill Isaacs applies some contemporary social technologies to Christian ministry. Does your ministry: 1) Effortless sign up 2) Emphasize people 3) Generates content 4) Invites Partnerships 5) Mobile device friendly. Continue reading

Aug 25

What scares the devil most about you…

We might wish our lives were predictable and manageable, defined within clearly identifiable boundaries and absent the unexpected or unplanned-for moments that create our anxiety and fear. It is fun to live life with the wind at your back…to feel … Continue reading

Feb 16

Can you believe I don’t have 10 unbelieving friends?

During the late fall of 2008, God began to nudge my heart for a new passion for evangelism. In prayer, I felt strongly convicted that my own preaching had become too “general” and not focused on pointing the unbeliever to … Continue reading

Feb 13

5 Trends Shaping the American Church…Revisted

Len Sweet gave a talk at Catalyst Labs last year that I saved to mp3 and have listened to often. He listed the following trends which are likely to shape the USA church in coming years… Small is the new … Continue reading