Dec 30

Faith Walks!

An article about a puppy who was born without front legs! Abused and abandoned by her junkyard dog mother, she was rescued around Christmas 2002 and adopted by English professor Jude Stringfellow. She now is an UPRIGHT walking dog who inspires others all over the country. Continue reading

Dec 16

The Secret Santa Understood the Secret of Joy

The Secret Santa Understood the Secret of Joy. After being fired right before Christmas, Larry Stewart made the decision to GIVE. In the next 27 years, he gave away (anonymously) $1.3 million to needy individuals over. Continue reading

Oct 28

Holiness is Aweful!

(UPDATED: Oct 28, 2009, originally published Jul 4, 2008) There is a tremendous disparity in our understanding of the doctrine of holiness and/or sanctification. The definition of those terms is a matter of debate among many teachers and preachers. It … Continue reading

Sep 21

Pastor Appreciation 2

“Present your pastor with meaningful pastor appreciation gifts. Pastor gifts can [be] given not only during pastor appreciation month but also throughout the year, making every Sunday Pastor Appreciation Day.” Good point. So here are the ideas: Continue reading

Sep 10

When God Dances Over You

When God Dances

This is one of my all-time favorite articles/sermons. Just knowing that our God loves us so much is beyond belief! I trust this message will be a blessing. Continue reading