Feb 09

Why do you go to church?

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When we gather at church, are we there for the fellowship, the worship, the teaching/preaching or what? Certainly some people go to church just for the social recognition. Others want to absolve themselves of their guilt. Many of us (“righteous” … Continue reading

Jan 31

How to say “no” without guilt

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If there is a single most difficult thing in ministry, I believe it might be how to tell people “no” and not feel bad about it. There are always requests for a minister to do something. I have written several … Continue reading

Jan 26

Who is humble?

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James Ryle has posted a devotional on his blog called, “Towering Humilty.” How would YOU define humility? Ryle calls the common concept of humility — a somewhat cowering attitude — to be “Outrageous nonsense!” Discounting Jesus, which Bible character best … Continue reading

Jan 20

God has a plan

Update 08/31/09: See a related article here. I hear a lot of people speak about things that happen “by coincidence.” Personally, I do not accept anything as being coincidental. Instead, I believe that it is God’s providence that brings unrelated … Continue reading

Jan 08

What does “evangelism” really mean?

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This is the subject of a post on Grant Thiessen’s Blog and it poses a very interesting point! Grant states that evangelism is about “Presence and Participation.” That is a good definition. Unless and until we are “there” in a … Continue reading