I would like to personally thank you for visiting the Chief Shepherd. I trust that your visit will be enjoyable and that this site will provide helps that may not be available elsewhere – and everything on CS is FREE! Some highlights of the Chief Shepherd site:

  1. Sermon & teaching outlines published (in MS .DOC format) for you to download & use in your ministry
  2. Forums for discussions of interest to everyone – use the comments sections all through the site.
  3. Unique posts/articles about topics that are often ignored in other venues (see “controversial” category)
  4. I review a lot of other sites on a regular basis and frequently post links to significant issues or resources on those sites.
  5. I am open to exchanging links to other blogs or web sites if they provide similar resources or discussions. If your site meets those requirements, leave a comment with your site’s URL.
  6. If you would like to post an article on the site, check the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES found here: http://chiefshepherd.com/help/
  7. I offer an occasional post on some technology issues that may be of interest to ministers or others who serve in the Kingdom of God. (See below for an example.) For more articles on technical issues, please visit my technology site at  http://raywaldo.com.

Ways to follow this site:

  • Facebook: http://facebook.com/chiefshep
  • Twitter: http://twitter.com/chiefshep
  • RSS is usually defined as Real Simple Syndication. It is a very easy way to review the headlines of frequently changing information on some web sites – such as Chief Shepherd. The RSS feed will display those headlines without your having to browse to a site and it will allow you to view a portion of the article (or sometimes, the entire article) – so you can decide if you wish to read the entire article. All rss feeds can be read on most news reader programs or on your Google homepage if you use iGoogle.com (If you do not know what this is all about, check out the article that I wrote here).

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