Statement of Faith

The Chief Shepherd Blog is designed to support ministers and lay persons from a wide variety of denominations. Our desire is to find where we AGREE – rather than look for our DIFFERENCES.

We believe that the DNA of a Christian (what defines our blood relationships) is found in 1Cor 15:3-8,

The things of “first importance” (NIV), “that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures.” To me, that means that the most important thing about Christianity is being “born again” and having our sins forgiven according to the Scriptures.

That does not mean that, as individuals, we do not have firm convictions. Personally, I subscribe to the doctrinal statements of the denomination of which I am an Ordained Bishop – The Church of God, Cleveland, TN. If you would like to view our “Declaration of Faith” click here.

Others who post articles on this site are not necessarily members of the Church of God. Nor are all of the subscribers who enter into the discussions. Each of those persons will likely have a different statement of faith. As brothers, we try to agree with them.

As a minister from another denomination told me back in the 70’s, “Let us agree — but if we must disagree, let us do it agreeably.”

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