Change Blindness = Gradual Change is Imperceptible

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  • Change Blindness = Gradual Change is Imperceptible

Change Blindness

Change Blindness defined

Gradual change blindness is defined as the failure to detect extremely slow changes in a scene. This is one of many common failures of human perception, in which the brain fails to perceive
important details of its environment. (Emily Tyszka)

“Change blindness” is a very interesting phenomenon that is occurring all around us today! The concept is that gradual changes are imperceptible over time. French researcher, Kevin O’Regan, has studied and written extensively on the phenomenon. The following video demonstrates the phenomenon. It changes in only one element. Can you spot the change? (If the video does not display properly, try viewing it in full screen mode.)

Video Credit: Renaud Chabrier and  J. Kevin O’Regan @

Did you spot the change? If not, replay the video and pay attention to the color of the platform on the carousel.

The concept of change blindness has implications in culture, politics, morality, society, style, language, religion, and life in general. This is especially true of very slow changes.

Change Blindness in the Bible

Paul warned in Galatians 5:9 against even a little leaven in a life. (Leaven or yeast is sometimes used to represent sin.) Just as yeast works slowly and after a while changes all the surrounding ingredients, a little sin can pollute the entire body.

After seeing Jesus transfigured, Peter, James, and John questioned Jesus why wasn’t the law fulfilled concerning Elijah (who should have come before the Messiah). Jesus told them that Elijah had come (Mark 9:13) but they failed to recognize him (he was represented by John the Baptist). They (and practically all others) saw what they wanted to see – and ignored the significance of anything that they were not anticipating.

Are there prophetic implications in other (similar) Scriptures? How might they be related to the gradual changes seen in our contemporary world?

Change Blindness in life

Gradual changes in our daily life often go unobserved. That is probably the reason for such intense debate on issues such as global warming. If there are any changes, they tend to be unseen. Likewise, the idea of “fashion” is based upon gradual changes of what is perceived as acceptable dress. One of the more significant (gradual) changes is the content displayed on our TV screens.

The (relatively) slow progression of events in our lifetime has lolled us into complacency, so that we fail to recognize the changes. But morality, politics, law, society, fashion, language, religion, and many other areas have all morphed over time. Some things have changed for the better, but many others have gotten worse – much worse.


Have you observed gradual changes in your lifetime? Was it a shift for the better or, for worse? Leave a comment below.

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