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Resolutions for the New Year?

Each year at about this time, A lot of people make decisions about what they plan to accomplish in the upcoming year. Some people call them “resolutions” while others name them something else or nothing at all. Some determine to stop or start a habit. Some decide to gain or loose weight. Most everyone has some formal – or informal – goal(s) for the the next 12 months.

One common resolution among Christians is that they will read through the entire Bible in the next year. It really is not difficult but does require some discipline.

Probably the WORST plan is t0 just begin reading at Genesis 1:1 and go from there. The problem is that some O.T. Scriptures are boring genealogies that may go on for several pages. Other O.T. Scriptures (like the Jewish dietary laws and rules for animal sacrifice) do not pertain to us directly. Since such rules are not appropriate for today’s Christian (Jesus Christ has fulfilled all that law), they can be misleading and/or boring.

To keep Bible reading lively and enjoyable, I recommend the use of a formal reading program.  See the bottom of this post for more on reading programs.

A second problem for some readers is the use of old English versions (such as the King James Version). If a person is not familiar with the words and phrases used in those versions, they can be confusing and cause the reader to lose interest. Although there are some “purists” who maintain that the ONLY “true” Bible is the KJV (I am NOT one), most Christians agree that for casual reading, the newer versions are much more enjoyable to read.

Use a modern version of the Bible so that your reading will flow in your everyday language. Otherwise, you may find yourself reading – but not actually “hearing” what the Scripture says.

You may wish to visit the YouVersion website to check out their Reading Programs. A really nice feature is that they offer FREE Bible applications for most popular mobile smart phones (iPhone & Android, etc). Click on the graphic at the bottom of this article to visit their site. Here is a clip from their recent email to me…

Reading Plans

To try to help you get on track with your reading in 2011 (and stay on track), try a Reading Plan. We’ve recently added several new ones, and even more are coming. Browse to find the Reading Plan that matches your reading goals (The One Year(r) Bible New Living Translation? Bible in 90 days? Daily devotionals?) or one that covers something you want to learn (Topical? Chronological?). All you’ll need to get started is a free YouVersion account, and you can customize your plan with schedule and accountability options.

YouVersion Reading Plans

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