Prince Who Limped

Over 40 years ago, I read a portion of Scripture that has fascinated me ever since. That Scripture is found in Genesis chapter 32 where we read about Jacob “wrestling” with a “man” all through the night.

My understanding was (and is) that Jacob was wrestling with God (Jacob said, in verse 30, that he met God face to face.) But I have always wondered what it means to “wrestle” with God. How does one do such a thing? Is it an appropriate activity for each of us as a child of God?

If the man really was God, why couldn’t God overpower Jacob? God is omnipotent and could easily overpower anyone. Why would God continue to wrestle for hours — and then need to stop before daybreak?

Finally, who won the wrestling match? The man said that Jacob had struggled with god and with men and had “overcome.” But it is unimaginable that Jacob could have won in a wrestling match against Almighty God!

I will be offering some of the ideas that I believe God has given me concerning this Scripture in the next article (it may turn into a short series of articles). Until then, please leave YOUR comments below – What do YOU believe about the questions above?

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2 thoughts on “Prince Who Limped

  1. Hey Bro. Ray some people don’t notice my very very bad limp until they realize I wear a brace. I think it is the struggle that is important and not who won the fight. It is just like the statement without a test their is no testimonie. I’m sure somewhere in the fight Jacob believed he could win or get the upper hand. If not why fight in the first place if you are sure you cann’t win. I would have been like Jacob there are some fights I flat out refuse to give in to. You can call it stubborness or hard headedness to give in is like to admite defeat, to admite defeat is to close to failure.

    • Excellent insight from a person who has been in the “battle” for a very long time! Thank you for sharing this with us. I TOTALLY agree that “who won the fight” is not a good spiritual answer. I will deal with that in future posts on this issue. Keep coming back – and keep posting!!

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