Give to Gain

Give authority away to gain authority?

Dan Rockwell is the Leadership Freak (@leadershipfreak) on Twitter. He also writes a  blog by the same name. His article “The truth about gaining authority” offers an interesting perspective: “Those who cling to authority loose it. Those who give away authority gain it.”

He recommends using delegation to give subordinates authority. However, he does offer this… “Warning:  giving authority away must  express confidence in others. It can’t be an act of neglect on your part.” There are some other suggestions in the article.

  • Do you agree that authority should be given away?
  • What is to keep your subordinates (to whom you give authority) from using that authority to undermine you?
  • What are some other “got ya’s” that you see?


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Ray Waldo is a retired pastor with a passion for sharing knowledge, understanding and (if possible), wisdom with everyone he meets. Prior to his retirement, Ray served as a local pastor and teacher to five different churches in two states. He also served as a short-term missionary, teacher, and crusade speaker to groups in Mexico, Kenya, Uganda & the Democratic Republic of Congo (while Congo was still in conflict). Ray is also a widely recognized teacher, writer and public speaker. He was the top-billed speaker to groups of over 10,000 people when he visited Africa. He is currently writing two books (online) that he expects to be published within the next two years.

3 thoughts on “Give to Gain

  1. Ray,

    Glad my post was useful or at least interesting to you.

    One of the things I notice is the more authority I give to others the more it comes back. For example, someone who has been given authority may feel the weight of that authority. They come back for support, guidance, encouragement, or to discuss options.

    Best to you,

    Leadership Freak
    Dan Rockwell
    My recent post Community Update – 8-28-2010

  2. This is so very true. As a new pastor, I appreciate this article very much. I have often been given authority both on the job and in the church, but now I am learning how to give authority as the leader.

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