Foundation for a Better Life

Have you seen the TV spots for the Foundation For A Better Life?

What are your values?I get misty-eyed every time I see one of them! Check this new one out (encouraging “Patience”) on their website at Sorry, they do not allow in-line posting on other sites.

I can certainly identify with that worker’s FIRST emotion. I wonder if I would follow his second emotion. How about you? I HIGHLY recommend that you visit the site and see all of their spots and the other encouraging posts that they have online.

BTW, I like to know WHO I am actually endorsing before I write such a post as this. The Wikipedia article for the foundation (here) says, “it [the Foundation] is entirely funded by billionaire Philip Anschutz.” So, I checked the article for Mr. Anschutz (here) and found that he “has been an active patron of a number of religious and conservative causes”   (here). The following list is only some of the causes listed on the Wikipedia article:

  • Helped fund the Discovery Institute, a think tank based in Seattle, Washington that promotes intelligent design and criticizes evolution.
  • Supported the Parents Television Council, a group that protests against what they believe to be television indecency.
  • Financed and distributed films with Christian themes, such as Amazing Grace and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, for mass audiences through his two film production companies and ownership of much of the Regal, Edwards and United Artists theater chains.
  • Financed The Foundation for a Better Life.

Although some people. who are more aligned with the Democratic Party, may think that Mr. Anschutz represents an opposing viewpoint (due to his political affiliations), I believe that he & the Foundation represent CONSERVATIVE FAMILY VALUES. So, for my part, I endorse the work of the foundation – regardless of political parties!

Social Media: Although the Foundation has a Twitter accoun (@valuescom), it appears to be just an auto feed from their Facebook page (FBLife).  You may want to follow them there.

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