Goodbye to a Good Friend

Beau Waldo (1999-2009)

Beau was a rescue animal that we received in 2002. He was in pretty bad shape but we took him to the vet to get him checked out and get his shots. Unfortunately, he had already developed a case of heart worms.

We began the process of trying to get him well but just a month after he came to live with us, a larger dog bit Beau on the back of his neck. The bite was so severe that the vet had to cut all of the skin around the bite and let then let it grow back. It was my chore to wash the large open wound (a circle of about 5″ in diameter), medicate it and then bandage it up. It has never ceased to amaze me that every time I put Beau in my lap to begin this procedure, he would fall asleep! It said that he trusted me completely and that he was shutting off all his sense of pain until I finished. After a month, I took him back to the vet to have the skin stitched back together. He retained that unique “Y” shaped scare until he died.

Beau was a very quiet friend who rarely spoke. He only barked when there was some perceived danger in the yard or house. During his last year or so, he had lost most of his hearing and eyesight. But he was the first to recognize if a skunk was anywhere around! He would start announcing this and then the other three dogs would join him in wanting to go out and chase the offender off of our property.

Although Beau was the oldest dog in our home, when we received Papillion (a Pomeranian 1/3 Beau’s size), Beau allowed him to become “alpha” and rarely did Beau challenge him. I think that Beau held the motto of the ’70’s “I am a lover – not a fighter.”

But the cancer in Beau’s body became too much for him. Today, I took him to the vet and she told me that there was nothing else she could do for him and that it was time to allow him to rest. I still do not LIKE euthanasia. I just don’t know what is right. I did not want Beau to suffer any longer but I just wonder if it is RIGHT to stop their life. Never-the-less, I made the decision and with no pain or fighting, Beau easily went to sleep in my arms and his heart stopped just a couple minutes later. The problem — I cannot stop crying.

Our home will never be the same. But Beau got to enjoy one more Christmas. He loved being with all of the family and he loved the corduroy coat that Viv got him. He died warm. And, he was buried in his “Sherlock Holmes” coat. Rest in peace, my friend, rest in peace.

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Ray Waldo is a retired pastor with a passion for sharing knowledge, understanding and (if possible), wisdom with everyone he meets. Prior to his retirement, Ray served as a local pastor and teacher to five different churches in two states. He also served as a short-term missionary, teacher, and crusade speaker to groups in Mexico, Kenya, Uganda & the Democratic Republic of Congo (while Congo was still in conflict). Ray is also a widely recognized teacher, writer and public speaker. He was the top-billed speaker to groups of over 10,000 people when he visited Africa. He is currently writing two books (online) that he expects to be published within the next two years.

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