Leadership lessons I’ve learned…@ bananas!

I’ve been in leadership at my local church, in state and territorial offices and within my denomination since I was 14 (38 years). In those years, like all leaders I have gleaned tons of good advice and learned many valuable lessons by experience.  For the next several days, I plan to post 8 of my most frequently used lessons in leadership.  I hope they may help someone.

I hope you will post in the comment section your responses and perhaps your own special set of leadership lessons.

Here goes…

#1…The banana that leaves the bunch is the first one to be PEELED!

Of course, you know this is not original with me but was taught to me by a mentor who wanted to warn me about my cavalier approach on a leadership item.  Courage in leadership is so valuable and yet it must be tempered at times with wisdom that acknowledges [that] you often cannot lead alone.  Effective leadership is done in community-among others both followers and other leaders.  This does not imply that one should always “follow the party line” or give up the individuality of leadership but rather that all leadership should be processed over time, with others, with accountability.  So much of what has happened with our present banking industry and investors was the kind of “I’m in this for me and forget others” leadership that made significant and impactful decisions that hurt others without thinking or perhaps dismissing them.

So, as you lead and learn to lead, surround yourself with others and let them help you lead.  Don’t be afraid to use other people’s ideas, to accept the counsel of those who don’t share your passion and accept that there is likely some valuable nugget in all criticism that comes your way.  You won’t regret the intentional “connecting” your leadership will require as you determine to be a top-shelf leader in your church, family or organization.  The Bible says there is safety in many counselors…use it!

Your thoughts?

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