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UPDATE (01Oct09) Read the entire report here.

The news is good…bottom line the CEA number apparently rose in response to the severe diarrhea that she has experienced in the past 15 days.  A new med has been prescribed to bring that sequence to an end (if you know what I mean!) and the hope is that the quieting of the GI tract will result in lower numbers.  The CT scan shows NO NEW GROWTH of cancer in any area from the neck to the abdomen.  There is no indication of cancer development or “hot” spots in the PET scan and all her other labs are NORMAL. Subsequently, the doctors seem to agree that this rise in the CEA is not problematic for now….

So, PRAISE THE LORD! Prayer is still effective.


Today (30Sep09), Bishop Bill posted some discouraging news about Kathy. See the entire post here.

Kathy & Bill IsaacsWell, this has been a huge emotional roller coaster for us this visit to Zion. Today is Wednesday (09/30/09) and we are sitting in our hotel room waiting on the insurance company to pre-certify a new CT scan for Kathy in hopes of determining the cause for the jump in her CEA-tumor marker numbers….

When Dr. Thompson told us that the numbers had jumped from 1.4 to 6.0, it was a shock to us. I guess we had not even prepared for the possibility of this, mainly because everything had been going so well and despite the side-effects, we were banking on a continued “normal” run to the announcement CANCER-FREE! Such may not be the case…

Here is the response that I left for them. I am confident that it is similar to what many of you would  also say…

Viv and I are believing God with you on a daily basis. We are confident that God has ordered your (& Kathy’s) steps. You have many others before us but certainly you were “God’s man of the hour” during the crisis that so many of us faced after Hurricane Katrina.

I was a direct beneficiary of your counsel at a moment of my fear & frustration. I will never forget that. And, your support and encouragement led me to two trips to Africa and (finally) to writing two books.

You and Kathy will always have a special place in our hearts. We also find it to be a “strange route” that has taken you to another area of service and now, taken you into the most difficult path you have ever faced.

Just remember, none of this has taken God by surprise. He has a plan of action. That plan is to PROSPER you & Kathy. It is NOT to harm you. As you said, the journey is about trust. It is not about me, you or even Kathy. It is about God and our absolute dependence upon the Source of our help.

Today, I visited with Nelda & Jimmy Jerrell of the Savannah Branch Church. The doctors did not expect Nelda to live past 10:30 this morning. But THAT decision is not up to the doctors. It is GOD who determines when we are promoted. However, (thanks to God’s intervention) Nelda is making a slight recovery this evening.

It is similar with all of our difficult “routes.” God has ordered the steps of a righteous man & woman named Isaacs. His plan for them is not and will not always be evident but it will always lead to VICTORY. He can change the CEA markers & all that they represent!

Let this be the day that doctors in Zion & Covington are presented with undeniable evidence of HIS power!!


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