Can you believe I don’t have 10 unbelieving friends?

Rainbows have nothing to hide

During the late fall of 2008, God began to nudge my heart for a new passion for evangelism. In prayer, I felt strongly convicted that my own preaching had become too “general” and not focused on pointing the unbeliever to Christ. At the same time I was finishing the manuscript on A Life Worth Living and was engrossed in Paul’s passion for the unbeliever and the message of mercy and grace. As a result some new messages began to come to my heart for those who did not know Christ. With a grateful heart, I began to see people showing up in the services who came forward to receive Christ and in almost every service where I preached Christ, the Savior, I’m seeing people come to the Lord. It has been so refreshing and has given a new momentum to my public ministry.

But God was not finished…

In thanking God for those who were receiving Him, I felt him pushing me deeper…probing and inquiring…who are you relating to in daily life that are not believers? I began to consider the many people I know and relate to on a daily basis…the search was disappointing.

I could not come up with 10 people I relate to on a daily basis who were unbelievers!

My professional ministerial career seems to insulates me from the unbelieving world. I deal with pastors, ministers, church leaders, families, etc. but few unbelievers and even then, the relationship is not friendship but pastoral in nature.

Yet, in my heart I know God is calling me to a life of WITNESS. So, what can I do?

  • I joined a local gym.
  • I’m changing habits for greater access to people outside my comfort circle.
  • I’m getting to know my neighbors intentionally.

I love the story of the demon possessed man who, after deliverance, wanted to travel with Christ.  After he refused, Jesus simply told him–”go home and tell them what good things God has done for you!”  I have a story to tell.  It is a story of grace undeserved and mercy so needed.  I am a visible demonstration of God’s work in the life of one who needed grace.  I’m sure you are as well.   Yet, there is a new learning curve in my life as I get more engaged with this world where I live and the environments where God has positioned me for His glory.  Can you relate?

How many unbelievers do you know as friends?

Why is so difficult for ministers to connect to the unbelieving world beyond the pulpit experience?

What ideas do you have to share to open my world to those who need Christ?

I would love to hear from you this week.

I’ll be checking back.

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