Evaluating change

Terms like “change” are full of personal and emotional connotations.  For example, change can be a positive word as it is expressed in terms of improving a mindset or organizational concept.  On the other hand, change can be difficult when it means leaving good friends and colleagues.

Kathy and I are going to reposition in Akron, Ohio as state overseers of the Church of God (our denomination) after 6 very productive and energizing years in Louisiana. This is a very bittersweet moment in our lives. Transition is not easy whether it is across the street or 17 hours away from comfortable environments.  Yet, life requires adjustment, repositioning, advancement and change.

Two years ago, I challenged our Louisiana family with this question “what now?” and sought to shape our view of the future after Katrina as one determined by a God who sees the end from the beginning.  We cannot..we only see this present moment, remember those before and anticipate the next one.  I like the word “anticipate” because it captures the excitement of change…of what will be or could be.

So, in a week, we will “change” locations with an eager anticipation of what will be in Ohio but we will never forget the incredible people, experiences or days we spent in this wonderful place, serving God and each other.

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