Lookin’ for the Perfect Dad!

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  • A Hurting Word…

If you’ve visited PapaQuest, at Peggie’s Place, you’ll know we’ve been on a diligent search around the world, looking for the perfect dad. AND you’ll also know we didn’t find him–he’s found only in our Heavenly Father, the source of all perfection and truth.

But *I* am still lookin’–back, around, and ahead, so much so that I feel like an actress in the old 80s movies, “Back to the Future.” Delightful fantasy! Now finding the perfect dad in my family tree is probably delightful fantasy too. For you see, I never DID find him–past, present, or future–but I did find some people who measure high on MY scale–and I’d like to honor them today!

  • A Helping Word…or Two!

Lookin’ Back!…Look back with me, and you’ll see a devout Dad who taught this gal the ways of the Lord. Dad was an Assemblies of God preacher for over fifty years. As a little girl, I was his youngest fan–he was my hero. He was not a man of degrees–but he was a graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, and I have stories in our family history to prove it! He modeled Christ for me–I saw him many times on his knees in prayer; I watched him survive difficult situations in pastoring; I saw him love and forgive, time and time again. He was vision-impaired, and when he could read his Bible no longer, tapes became part of his devotional times. He memorized large portions of Scripture; he was fondly known as “The Walking Bible.” He is now with the Lord he loved, and with my dear mom, a godly, lively lady who kept the parsonage–and her pastor husband and girls–in line! What a wonderful heritage I have!

Perfect? Not quite! But I do see a dad who LOVED THE WORD! A Dad totally committed to Jesus Christ and to his family. I thank God for my heritage–the woman I am today is a reflection of the Dad I had yesterday!

Lookin’ Around!…Look around our house, and you’ll find a big ‘n tall guy who’s doing his best to keep ME in line…smile…He’s a long-standing organic chemistry professor at Evangel College, Springfield, Missouri, our home, and has taught many a pre-med student, now successfully practicing medicine or teaching in medical school. He’s known for being tough–but now, would you want an “easy” prof to have taught YOUR medical doctor?? He loves his students! But he loves God more–and that’s one of the many reasons I am so proud of him. There’s plenty of room left in his big heart for his sassy wife and his silly sons–but God is always first. And that’s exactly how I want it to be. The Lord has blessed us with two sons, and a wonderful marriage of nearly twenty years. What do I love most about my husband? Certainly not his love for roller coasters or his style of music; certainly not his un-neat bedroom dresser and–enough secrets! You get the point! No, I see a man who lives what he believes–a man of uncompromising integrity, commitment, and love for God. A man whose delight is to share and minister God’s love to young and old alike. This is the man I married–I love him dearly and am proud of him!

Perfect? Not quite! But I do see a husband who LIVES BY THE WORD! A husband totally committed to Jesus Christ and to his family. I thank God for the man who shares my life and serves my Lord.

Lookin’ ahead!…Look ahead, and if they make it in one–or two–pieces to manhood, you’ll meet our two sons. Hopefully, by then, they will be well-mannered, sensible, educated, men who love and serve the Lord. Right now they are playing Nintendo, with not a care in the world, including the cleaning of their rooms. We have a long way to go to sanitize and sensitize them; to spiritualize and stabilize them; they are rascals! But one thing I’m most proud of–both boys love the Lord. They are learning His Word. Joey, 15, is a top Teen Bible Quizzer, and his team is on their way to national competition in August. He can recite passages of Scripture–just like grandpa! Jason, 12, is the “gospel magician” of the family and uses his creative talents to trick and amuse anyone who will listen. But under all the mischief and strong-will–and there is plenty of it–is a love for Jesus! His faith, expressed in a recent, award-winning essay, “I Believe,” will be cherished by Mom long after the trophy is forgotten!

Perfect? No way! But I do see two boys who are LEARNING THE WORD! Two sons learning to commit their lives and future to Jesus Christ; growing into manhood that will please the Lord–AND a grateful, RELIEVED mom, who by then, will be very tired and very old!!

I’m a blessed woman. I didn’t live with the perfect dad, nor do I live with the perfect husband (and he would retort, that neither does HE live with the perfect wife–can you believe it!!) I certainly do not live with the perfect boys–at least not the LAST time I checked! But I know three generations of people who know and love the PERFECT FATHER–and that’s enough for me!

And that’s just a word or two–from my heart to yours!
The PERFECT Family–NOT!!
Not-so-perfect pictures of Peggie and her family!
Applications available upon request to board sons for the summer!
Just kiddin’, boys–but PLEASE, won’t you clean your rooms?

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