Dreaming Bigger Dreams…

Sitting in a service eight years ago listening to Carl Richardson preaching on the eagle, I felt God speak strongly into my spirit–”you must dream bigger dreams and think larger thoughts!” I was stunned by the impact of the moment and so that day I made it my point to position myself next to Carl Richardson at lunch and posed the question…”how do you dream bigger dreams than you are presently dreaming?” He thought momentarily and then answered…”you will need to be near people who dream bigger than you do.”

So from that day I have made it my point to notice my access to people who dream big dreams. From them I have learned how to think “bigger” and see “larger” than I do. At first, it was intimidating but I am learning to embrace the experience for the opportunity it is. Often when I find myself in “larger” moments than are usual, I try to pause and ask myself this question–”how did I get to this place?” It helps keeps me balanced and yet also allows me to soak in the environment, atmosphere and experience of the moment.

Do you have suggestions for how to dream bigger and think larger than you are now?

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