Children buried alive

There is an email being circulated about a story from Egypt of two little girls who survived after being buried for 15 days! According to the email, they were fed by “A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands.” Is this really true? If so, then it is a very exciting event!!

Here is a quote of the email:

Murder Miracle in Egypt

A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife and then buried her with their infant baby and 8-year old daughter. The girls were buried alive!

He then reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids. 15 days later, another family member died. When they went to bury him, they found the 2 little girls under the sand – ALIVE!

The country is outraged over the incident, and the man will be executed.

The older girl was asked how she had survived. “A man wearing shiny white clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us. He woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister,” she said.

She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by a veiled Muslim woman news anchor. She said on public TV, “This was none other than Jesus, because nobody else does things like this!”

Muslims believe Isa (Jesus) would do this, but the wounds mean He really was crucified, and it’s clear also that He is alive! But, it’s also clear that the child could not make up a story like this, and there is no way these children could have survived without a true miracle. Muslim leaders are going to have a hard time to figure out what to do with this, and the popularity of the movie Passion doesn’t help!

With Egypt at the centre of the media and education in the Middle East, you can be sure this story will spread. Christ is still turning the world upside down!

Please let this story be shared. The Lord says, “I will bless the
person who puts his trust in me.” Jeremiah 17:7

Since this event is reported to have caused an outrage in Egypt, one would expect some mention of it in on the internet. I have done an extensive search and the ONLY mention of this story was on websites without credentials and which basically repeat this email. I did not find a single reference to any content which could be checked out and verified. There is no definitive information in any of the MANY DIFFERENT versions of this story (some of which go back to 2004). And some of the versions vary from the present email.

Although I would really like to believe that this actually happened, without any support, it sounds like a hoax. Remember all the petitions & emails that were circulated in an attempt to stop the FCC from eliminating religious broadcasting from radio and TV? That one was proven to be a hoax – I checked with the FCC myself and major Christian magazines (such as Christianity Today) all published statements that the story was not true.

Why would anyone create such a story if it is not true? I don’t know except that sometimes evil people do things that are designed to make Christians appear foolish or ignorant. The letter I received from the FCC stated that each day they destroyed many bags of letters that referenced the issue. That was a total waste of the well-meaning Christians’ money. It was also a distraction that diverted Christian efforts away from true and needy issues into a useless waste of time. Finally, it brought a reproach on the church for ignorantly distributing a lie.

Some questions that we need to ask ourselves before distributing such rumors to others:

  1. Have I checked the authenticity of this story?
  2. Is there anything that supports it as being true?
  3. Who would accept this story as true?
  4. What is the potential if I distribute this?

The first question is essential if we are to avoid the sin of slander or lying. If we do not check it out and just forward it along, we are just as guilty of slander as a busy-body who traffics in verbal rumors.

The second question depends upon the first. If we cannot find support, it does not immediately mean that the issue is a lie. However, it should give us pause and limit our use of the story. If we decide to send it to someone else, we need to state the results of our research so that they will not take the story as true – on the basis of OUR credentials.

The third question is necessary to understand the fourth question. If only CHRISTIANS are likely to accept this as truth (without any further support), then that would set up one potential result. However, if it is possible that more non-believers will accept it as true than the those who reject it then that would be a different possible result.

The fourth question really is decisive. Is it likely that a non-believer would believe this story and, as a result, accept Jesus as their Savior? Anything is possible but there are many powerful stories in the Bible – if they will not believe those stories, why would they believe an UNSUPPORTED rumor? On the other hand, if they do NOT believe the story, what is the potential? There is a very good chance that they would also reject the bearer of the story and ALL of Christianity then suffers. As a matter of fact, that may be the goal of the enemy in creating hoaxes of this nature.

By the way, the most authoritative sites that I could find, which addressed the current story, were the Snopes Urban Legends site and the Truth or Fiction site. Click on their respective links to see what each of those sites determined. In order to do your own research, just use your favorite search engine (such as Google) and type in key words from the questionable email. I used Google and the following entry (use quotes around a phrase):

muslim “8 year old” girl jesus “buried alive” killed

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I realize that this is a controversial issue. Your comments (pro or con) are always welcome.

27 thoughts on “Children buried alive

  1. Thank you for stating so very concisely how I feel about these internet rumors. It really bothers me that so many of my Chrisitan friends/family will not hesitate to forward emails that are unsubstantiated and simply untrue. Your four points are incredibly valid, and I am tempted to forward this to all the people who routinely send me incorrect information. I have taken to finding a credible internet source and replying to “all” with a link to the corrected information. If people would just check the source before they hit the send button they wouldn’t make the Christian community look so foolish.

    I don’t doubt the miracle working abilities of our Lord and Savior, but I agree with your assessment that such a thing would be widely reported on the internet.

  2. The liberal media might be able to find some “explanation” for such a miracle but even they would have to report it. There was a time when the media held a choke hold on the news. But since the Internet is so pervasive and with so many “citizen reporters” (read, “bloggers”) now, the facts WILL come out. So, if the only mention of an event is to repeat the contents of a “forwarded” email, then there is a strong probability that the entire event was a lie, created for the sole purpose of making Christians look stupid when they send it without checking its authenticity.

  3. Hi there,

    In regards to the lack of information that would clarify the authenticity of this miracle.I tend to believe that any miracle that is genuine or false through Christianity does not receive the recognition through the media regardless…Why? You may ask.. A vast majority of the population are familiar that the media is owned operated and controlled by the elite.It may sound bizarre however the news we receive always tends to revolve around negative issues,it also revolves around sport and celebrity rubbish.The majority of the news reports are pointless and meaningless.

    Since the elite of this world tend to be heavily affiliated with the umbrella of the Illuminati,its no wonder that a story like this does not get any coverage or validity.The Illuminati do not want any God Christian inspiring story to stretch out into the world,they have forever and ever been trying to eradicate the Christian faith since its been founded.The Illuminati have gone to incredible lengths to turn Christianity into a mockery.

    I for one as a free thinker can stay on either side of the fence and claim that the story is fake,or it is real.I however do not doubt the miraculous power of our Lord Jesus Christ,anything is possible when it comes to God,our creator.

    The sad truth is that we may never know.Since all the news we receive as free people is filtered and manipulated to serve the agenda of a few select that have a new world order planned without any Christian faith,that will strip us of our own free will and simple pleasures.

    I am waiting like many to lean on Christ when he comes back and sorts out all the (edited word) that is going on here.

    As for the Atheists,God bless you,hang tough, only God knows how hard life is for you, without him.

  4. Thank you Evan for you comments… I totally agree that “anything is possible when it comes to God.”

    When I was researching this article, I REALLY TRIED to find support for the supposed miracle. Unfortunately, there was none to be found.

    This article continues to receive more “hits” than any other article on my site. We Christians really do want to hear (and accept) present day miracles. As a group, we DO believe that they still happen. However, this is probably NOT such a miracle.


      • That is true E P. But the issue is not about god’s ability. Instead, it is about the credibility of Christians. Can seekers trust our stories to be true. Or, Are we willing to pass on fabricated stories in order to win converts.

  5. Evan:

    Your comment to the atheists was very insightful! I had never thought to verbalize it just that way but it fulfills (1) our responsibility to pray for those who have rejected Christ & (2) an understanding heart that can “walk a mile in their shoes.”

    Again, Thanks!



  7. I can not imagine the FCC staff day after day destroying bags of mail and not making a public announcement by day 2 on air and TV~lets say CNN, that it was a hoax, they could have at least done that
    As for the “Children buried alive” there awas nothing on, in reply to a search; Sorry, no matches were found containing Egypt; children buried alive with murdered mother. Thank you for your forum Rose

  8. I was moved by this story, of how God is still working in our lives to touch people,I wanted to instantly forward it on. After removing a tear from my eye, i hesitated. it was Easter when i received the email! i wanted others to share in this miricle.
    After considering the validity of the story, I questioned my faith. was this a test from God to see if i would use this to his Glory and send it on? i wanted to!
    One thing kept coming back to me, something that was written at the end of the email that spoiled the whole thing for me.
    QUESTION: Would God want you to pass this email to ten of your friends immediately to be blessed? There was an almost pushiness in the verses quoted at the end which were written to CONVINCE you to send it on.
    God does not need to justify himself. That miricle would and should be its own wittness if it were true. i hope I have made the right decision in NOT passing this on.I know that the evil in this world would do anything to cover up a miricle such as this. Have I just failed in my faith and allowed it to be stopped with me? have I disappointed my Lord? Failed the test? In believing it is a hoax, does not diminish the glory of the story for me, because I know our Lord has and does perform these miricles every day. I do hope we see and hear more miricles that the unsaved, our friends and our family can be witness to. Maybe it will be in our own lives. God bless, Amanda B

  9. Amanda…
    I published this article almost exactly one year ago and the e-mails are still circulating as if it just happened yesterday. It is something that **ALL** Christians WANT to believe.

    Personally, I **DO** believe that true miracles happen today. While I was in D.R. Congo in 2006, I held a small child that had died and been brought back to life. A pastor there & his wife (both of whom I count as dear personal friends) was asked to pray for the cold, lifeless body of a baby there. They prayed and after about an hour, the child’s body started to warm, then the eyes moved, the child coughed & finally revived! That is what God CAN do.

    But such signs are not intended to convert non-believers. In Luke 16:31, Jesus said: “If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets [e.g., the Bible message], they will not be convinced even if someone rise from the dead.”

    The events of the “buried alive” story almost certainly did NOT occur. If Egyptian TV had broadcast such an interview, it would be a matter of public knowledge and could not have been totally covered up.

    What is most troubling about this story is WHY would anyone knowingly fabricate such a story? I would like to hear your comments…

  10. I have surfed the webb looking at this story and there are certainly a mixed bag of responses. Some people are angry that we cannot take this story as faith. That we are doubting our Lord Jesus. I can see that this story has stirred a lot of people.
    I have to think that, that has been a positive reaction because it has made us question the strength of our beliefs, it has taken away a luke warm response to Christianity. It has taken us to our bibles, brought us to communicate with Christians over the other side of the world. Brought us together with the goal of finding the truth and serving God. How can we best serve him in this modern aspect of our lives- the internet. It can benefit and cause detriment.
    These injustices and miracles do happen, sitting in church at Beenleigh Baptist, Brisbane Australia, Ian spoke about Barnabas ( for persecuted Christians) these kind of things happen every day!
    I cannot fathom why someone would make up a story such as this. What were there intentions? I have to hope that their intentions were aimed at making people question their faith, not cause outrage and disillusionment.

    Ragardless of their reason, we need to be responsible for our own reactions to these things and our accountablility as Christians. What will we do with this information?

    A pastor I know passed on an email about a gang in the ‘local area’ driving around with the headlights off. The email said that this gang as part of initiation, would do a u-turn and chase you down if you flashed them. Then they would shoot dead everyone in the car. The pastor was very concerned about this email, it was passed on from a respected close friend. He forwarded it on to all the church advising them not to flash anyone.
    This email was obviously going to cause trouble. i did some research and discovered that this incident has occured before- never in Australia. I related this to the story of the good samaritan. The good samaritan was puting himself at risk by helping someone else. How good is the deed if it hasn’t taken much effort or committment to do it. We need to put ourselves out there!
    What would happen if we didn’t warn someone there lights were out and an accident occured. We saw it and could have helped. We were too concerned with ourselves to do it.
    Surely we realize in the coming times we are all going to be challenged in greater ways than this and we need to be ready!

  11. I just read the e-mail sent to me and wanted to read the newspaper article or see the news clip, after all, if a reporter questioned the oldest girl you’de think there would be a report somewhere. I found nothing but this article concerning the incident.

    It’s just common sense.

  12. To All

    Read the bible. Meditate on it. Believe it. And in believing it allow it to manifest within you. this way you will recieve your own miracle. Jesus.

  13. It seems to me this could be a ploy of the opposition. To get christians to circulate this email without checking its authenticity can only weaken the christian message and make us look like gullible fools. I would love this story to be true but unfortunately I cannot see any way that it can be and that is taking nothing away from our Lord who is quite capable of performing these miracles. However, I don’t care how hard a government tries to cover up this sort of thing had it really happened someone would have leaked it to the western press.

  14. My Dad, who is not a believer, forwarded the email in question. I got Gospel bumps – for him because he believes it happened. I went to Snopes et al only to find out it is not true. I want him to know Jesus is real, alive and still working miracles – I am one of them! Unfortunately, he believes I’ve had “good-luck.”

    Ray – what should I do?

  15. I think that if the story is true, it is not to expect that atheist medias would advertise aloud an event like this. We are talking about Egypt. There is no media freedom in America, remember just 11.09. and how many cover-ups, journalists fired and so on, so in Egypt it can be only worse.
    That is why this investigation about the story didn`t give any positive result. I will not forward this story, because I don`t think an atheist will become a christian just because he read a story that others say it is a hoax.

    This story, true or not, I do believe in the Holy Bible and I believe Jesus died and rose again!!! And He is here, right now and He can hear every your prayer that comes from the deep of your heart!!! Jesus can do miracles in your life too, if you just let Him. God bless you!!!

  16. Thanks for your investigations in this email. As Christians it is most important that whatever we say about Christ is ALL TRUTH. Yes miracles do still happen today, and there are plenty of verifiable ones around. I have personally met a Bible College student in India who has his own death certificate. It was issued before he came back to life after his Grandmother prayed for his corpse!!

    God is all powerful and does not need our help to prove his might! Blessings to all.

  17. I too believe in miracles, but as Jesus warned, we should not be deceived by those performed by human beings or false “christ”. Seek this out.
    …. Edited for brevity…
    And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

  18. Brothers and Sisters,

    I came across this forum because I received the story in my e-mail today. I am a convert. I chose the path of the “opposition” because I investigate and verify. Even a nonsensical story like this. The person who sent this to me is my cousin. He doesn’t mean any harm. Far from it. Compassion forms a huge part of the Christian faith. And I know without any doubt in my heart, that was what he felt when he pressed the sent button. But there is a saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” For even our best intentions must be carried out based on verifiable proof, based on the truth. Anything else is assumption. There is enough animosity in this world. Whoever started this probably did it out of compassion, too. Albeit, false compassion. But one can assume, if this assumption is acceptable, he did it to spread more animosity. They, whether in the “opposition” or otherwise, can only succeed if we hold on to assumptions, and chose the path of ignorance. Read, and verify. A great person once said “Seek and you will find”. What is it we are suppose to be seeking? GOD??!!! Did we not find “Him”????!!!! We will not find GOD until we find the TRUTH.
    …. And the TRUTH shall set you free!!!

    … Shortened for brevity …

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