Did the Easter Bunny rise up from the grave?

The way most people approach Easter, one would think that the Easter Bunny was the reason for the holiday!

Each time Easter (or Christmas, or some other Christian holiday) comes around, I am forced to question whether the commercialization of such holidays is good or bad. On the good side, commercialization equates to advertising for the holiday and the associated event which precipitated the holiday. After all, it is a HOLY-day (the true word).

But the problem now has become that it is almost against the law to celebrate the CHRISTIAN part. The “politically correct” nature of our society has attempted to eliminate any reference to Christianity from the very holiday that has evolved from it.

We are swamped with advertisements for Easter Bunny toys & candy. Easter Eggs & colorings are commonplace. However, if you want to get something that even MENTIONS the resurrection of Jesus, you had better go to the Christian Book & Gift Store. No one else has any such an article! The same thing is true about Christmas. Many school systems have told the children that they cannot speak about the birth of Jesus. And many businesses now have “Holiday Greetings” and “Holiday Sales” rather than CHRISTMAS Greetings or sales. And have you ever seen a “Resurrection Sale” at a store?

According to Google Trends, over half of all Google searches today are for Easter Recipes. We are more concerned about food for the body than food for the soul.

On the one hand, we Christians have (by our lack of action) allowed this to happen. But I believe that it is part of the devil’s “master plan.” If there is one thing that the enemy is good at, it must be, distracting Christians. We have been distracted from the true meaning of our most sacred holy days; We have been distracted from the importance of Bible study, prayer, worship & even church attendance. We have even been distracted from the very REASON for the church’s existence on earth: To seek and save that which is lost.

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I preached this message this morning in our church and it went very well. Click on this link if you want to download the notes file.

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