What is preaching?

I have been looking for other Blog sites that complement what we are trying to do here on ChiefShepherd. In that search, I found Dennis Adams’ blog “rA – di – K – le” (I believe that would be pronounced, “radical”). On his blog, he poses the question of what preaching really is. Check it out here.

I have long tried to differentiate between teaching and preaching. For many, it seems an easy choice. For me, I find it extremely difficult. Some would say that teaching is like preaching but you never get out of 1st gear (automobile talk). Others are less precise but just feel that it is CLEAR when someone is preaching. I think they mean that the speaker is using that authoritative voice and it probably helps if they spit when they speak and extra points are given for throwing in a lot of “uhh” at the end of a sentence. 🙂 The clincher is how many Clichés they use that bring the congregation to an “AMEN!” or (even better) to bring someone out into the aisle to do a holiness dance.

I personally believe that the best distinction between preaching and teaching is that of intellect & emotion. Teaching is primarily directed at the intellect while preaching is directed at the emotions. However, a teacher who does nothing to stir the emotions is VERY DRY!! And, any preacher who does not offer anything for the intellect has wasted the audience’s time with empty emotionalism and fluff!

It seems that if there is a difference between teaching and preaching, it is of little consequence except for the EXPECTATIONS of the audience. It probably is only significant when an audience would not respond as well to one or the other techniques. (Did I really use the word “technique” to describe preaching?)

As always, I look forward to hearing your comments on this issue.

An new article on this subject is located at http://chiefshepherd.com/2009/10/preaching-or-teaching/

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