Oct 13

5 Questions for your ministry moving forward

Bill Isaacs applies some contemporary social technologies to Christian ministry. Does your ministry: 1) Effortless sign up 2) Emphasize people 3) Generates content 4) Invites Partnerships 5) Mobile device friendly. Continue reading

Jul 08

Every church should embrace technology

These are exciting days for ministry.  When I consider the possibilities God has provided for me to serve Him on relation to the Great Commission, I consider these unique to my generation(s): Websites Every church needs a website.  They can … Continue reading

Aug 21

Can MAGIC manipulate your decisions?

(Last update: August 21, 2008) What happens when a magician performs a trick? Is it truly some event that defies the laws of physics? Or, is it an illusion or misdirection? The science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clark has said, … Continue reading

Aug 17

Who is Ray Waldo

Ray Waldo is a retired minister with a passion for sharing knowledge, understanding and (if possible), wisdom with everyone he meets. Prior to his retirement, Ray served as a local pastor and as a short-term missionary to Mexico, Kenya, Uganda … Continue reading

Jun 14

Technological Tips

Sometime in the near future, I plan to develop a website focused on helping ministers who want to integrate technology into their ministry. However, until I have a good bit more time, I will try to use this site for … Continue reading