Feb 18

You can now download files

I am working to make it a simple and easy task to download my sermon notes and/or audio. Previously, the only way you could download a file was when I published an article providing the links. (Those links are temporarily … Continue reading

Dec 01

Download a FREE Video Clip

My favorite site for REASONABLY priced video clips is BluefishTV (http://www.bluefishtv.com/). They have very good quality videos and most are priced at $1.99 each! Compare that to about $20 each at other outlets. Even better, you can download one clip … Continue reading

Jun 18

The Not-So-Perfect Dad

Recently, I read an article about a pastor who walked out on the stage of a large church and announced, “God knows your secret!” After a short pause (and likely, some gasps from his listeners), he continued, “And He loves … Continue reading

Jun 14

Transpose Music Automatically

I just found the website “Timeless Truths.” Although their doctrinal stance appears to be a little more “conservative” than my own, the MUSIC section of the site is pretty nice! I did a search for the lyrics of “It is … Continue reading

Jun 08

God Builds The Church

Have you ever gotten discouraged because the church where you are does not seem to grow? Or, at least it does not grow as quickly as you would desire? I certainly have. While I was musing over this, the Lord … Continue reading

May 27

What do you have?

When reading the story of the widow and the oil in 2 Kings 4:1-7, I observed some very powerful principles. I used those principles in a sermon titled, “What do you have?” Here are the key points: I have something … Continue reading

Apr 09

Good News About Trouble

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Troubles

Well, we have all had days when it seemed everything went wrong! That seems to be the case for our little friend in the picture. But I have “Good news about trouble.” – At least for the Child of God. … Continue reading

Mar 23

Did the Easter Bunny rise up from the grave?

The way most people approach Easter, one would think that the Easter Bunny was the reason for the holiday! Each time Easter (or Christmas, or some other Christian holiday) comes around, I am forced to question whether the commercialization of … Continue reading