Dec 30

Faith Walks!

An article about a puppy who was born without front legs! Abused and abandoned by her junkyard dog mother, she was rescued around Christmas 2002 and adopted by English professor Jude Stringfellow. She now is an UPRIGHT walking dog who inspires others all over the country. Continue reading

Dec 30

God still heals cancer…

16 years ago, a young boy in my parents church in Gastonia, NC developed a life-threatening cancer.  His mother was a godly single mom who loved God and Brandon was her only child.  The diagnosis was devastating and the thought … Continue reading

Dec 16

The Secret Santa Understood the Secret of Joy

The Secret Santa Understood the Secret of Joy. After being fired right before Christmas, Larry Stewart made the decision to GIVE. In the next 27 years, he gave away (anonymously) $1.3 million to needy individuals over. Continue reading

Nov 02

Have You Found Your Niche?

How about you, pastor? Are you living your dream? Have you found your niche? What is your niche? If you could pack it all up today and start fresh, what would the church you served look like? Perhaps, it’s right where you are. Hope so! Continue reading