Mar 08

Change Blindness = Gradual Change is Imperceptible

Change Blindness
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Change Blindness Change Blindness defined Gradual change blindness is defined as the failure to detect extremely slow changes in a scene.┬áThis is one of many common failures of human perception, in which the brain fails to perceive important details of … Continue reading

Mar 02

Christians disallowed as foster parents in UK?

In a very sympathetic article yesterday, a Telegraph reporter stated that “two High Court judges upheld the decision of Derby City Council not to approve the [Eunice and Owen] Johns family as carers.” I found this troubling and posted a … Continue reading

Oct 03

How did we get into this $700 billion mess?

Are we getting the facts about who is actually responsible for the current mortgage crisis & the $700 billion bailout? Does the national news media present an accurate picture of the issue? Is President Bush responsible? Or, have we been fed some confusing misinformation? Find the answers here… …continue reading Continue reading