Sep 02

Paul, Women and Religious Chauvinism in America

Paul, Women and Religious Chauvinism in America by J. Lee Grady 9/6/06 I don’t know Mary Lambert, but I can’t help feeling sorry for her. After serving as a Sunday school teacher for 54 years at First Baptist Church of Watertown, N.Y., … Continue reading

Mar 08

Change Blindness = Gradual Change is Imperceptible

Change Blindness
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Change Blindness Change Blindness defined Gradual change blindness is defined as the failure to detect extremely slow changes in a scene. This is one of many common failures of human perception, in which the brain fails to perceive important details of … Continue reading

Nov 30

Sea of Forgetfulness – Remembered no More!

sea of forgetfulness
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“My sins are gone! They are cast into the sea of God’s forgetfulness.” That is a common phrase among Christians today. There are posts on Facebook and it is even the title (or the primary thought) of several major CCM … Continue reading

Mar 02

Christians disallowed as foster parents in UK?

In a very sympathetic article yesterday, a Telegraph reporter stated that “two High Court judges upheld the decision of Derby City Council not to approve the [Eunice and Owen] Johns family as carers.” I found this troubling and posted a … Continue reading

Nov 27

My destiny

Updated on Nov 27, 2010 “Destiny” is a very misunderstood word. To many people today, it means “fate.” They believe that they are destined to do or be something and it is entirely beyond their control to change it. That … Continue reading

Aug 13

I wanted to quit too….

Dave Burchett published the following article on his “Confessions of a Bad Christian” site on August 5, 2010. It is republished here by permission. Click here to visit the original post on Dave’s site. Author Anne Rice has kicked the cyber hornet’s … Continue reading

Jan 22

Can The Church Learn From Domino’s Pizza?

Domino’s Pizza has been creating quite a buzz by running television commercials that trash their product.  By Dave Burchett (When Bad Christians Happen to Good People) The spots confess that many consumers thought their crust tasted like “cardboard” and the … Continue reading

Oct 28

Holiness is Aweful!

(UPDATED: Oct 28, 2009, originally published Jul 4, 2008) There is a tremendous disparity in our understanding of the doctrine of holiness and/or sanctification. The definition of those terms is a matter of debate among many teachers and preachers. It … Continue reading