Am I a “born” leader?… are you?

Someone mentioned to me recently in their assessment of another person — “the man is a born leader!”  As I reflected later on the thought, I’m not sure I totally accept the concept that leadership is a genetic marker for an individual.

Leadership giftings are bestowed to us by God.  When we recognize that God has given us a gift, then the development of that gift is upon us.  As we grow in Christ, our development as a leader can potentially grow if we apply ourselves.  Sadly, some have never taken time to enhance their skills, learn from their mistakes and are still stuck in the rut of their present leadership style.

  • I’m not the preacher/speaker I once was.
  • I’m not the leader I started out to be.

Some of my gifts are better utilized than they used to be.  In other cases, I’ve recognized that what I thought was a gift was, in fact, a secret wish which will never come true!  Recognizing that frees me to pursue my genuine calling/gifts and become a better leader and servant for God.

I’m passionate about the development of leaders.  Each of us can improve, even the PERFECT ones!

What steps are you personally taking to improve your leadership potential?

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