Genuine humility…

HumilityWhen Paul writes to the Corinthians in chapter 2:1-3 he demonstrates a genuine humility toward those to whom he ministered…choosing not to present himself but rather Christ on the Cross dying for all of mankind. Humility is a rare quality in leaders today.  Much of leadership in todays world is ego-driven with a “what’s in it for me..” mindset.  Paul saw it differently and so must we…we are servants of the King…we serve at His pleasure. This is not about us…but Him!

  • Humility reduces stress–I don’t have to have all the answers.  He does.  I’m not God…He is.
  • Humility improves relationships–Selfish, self-absorbed people are an irritation.  No one wants to be around them.  On the other hand, humble people are a delight and provide comfortable relationships.
  • Humility releases God’s power–James 4:6 says God gives grace to the humble but he opposes the proud!  The secret to spiritual power is to walk humbly before the Lord, focusing on others and depending on God.

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