Daisy-Petal Christianity

He Loves MeHe loves me. He loves me not.
He loves me. He loves me not.

The chant continues as one-by-one the daisy petals are plucked from the flower and dropped to the ground. At game’s end the last petal tells all; whether or not the person of their desire also cares for them in return.

Of course no one takes it seriously, and if children don’t get the answer they desire they take another daisy and start the process again. It doesn’t take long even for them to realize that flowers just weren’t designed to tell romantic fortunes. Why should they link their heart’s desires to the fickleness of chance?

Why indeed! But it is a lesson far easier learned in romance than in more spiritual pursuits. For long after we’ve put away our daisies, many of us continue to play the game with God. This time we don’t pluck flower petals, but probe through our circumstances trying to figure exactly how God feels about us.

  • I got a raise. He loves me.
  • I didn’t get the promotion I wanted, or I lost my job altogether. He loves me not!
  • Something in the Bible inspired me today. He loves me!
  • My child is seriously ill. He loves me not!
  • I gave money to someone in need. He loves me!
  • I let my anger get the best of me. He loves me not!
  • Something I prayed for actually happened. He loves me!
  • I stretched to truth to get me out of a tight spot. He loves me not!
  • A friend calls from out of the blue and encourages me. He loves me!
  • My car needs a new transmission. He loves me not!

This is an excerpt from the book, “He Loves Me” by Wayne Jacobsen. Read more at http://lifestream.org/waynes-books.php?bid=5

He Loves Me!
Second Edition
by Wayne Jacobsen
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